The Job of Simplifying Indiana’s Tax Code

On June 24, 2014, Indiana Governor Mike Pence, the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) and the Department of Revenue (DOR) hosted the Indiana Tax Competitiveness and Simplification Conference in Indianapolis. The tax conference brought together nearly 200 local and national tax experts and policy makers to focus on ways to create a more competitive business and individual tax climate in Indiana. The goal for the day was to look for new and fresh ideas and known best practices in state taxation. The ideas generated will be published for consideration by the Blue Ribbon Commission, summer study committees, and future legislative sessions.

Seven panel discussions covered various areas including:

icon-play-videoYou can view videos of each conference session here.


As the Indianapolis Star reported:

Indiana's tax code, considered to be one of the most complex in the country, may be in for a redesign during the next legislative session — at least that's what Gov. Mike Pence said he hopes will happen.

"I want to be very clear. As governor, I won't support a tax increase," he said during his all-day Indiana Tax Competitiveness and Simplification Conference. "I am interested in ways we can reform taxes, simplify taxes in ways that will make Indiana more attractive for investment and growth. ... This is really about considering ways we can have a tax system that's fair for all concerned."

Voice Your Opinion

Public comments were solicited prior to the conference. A recap of those ideas can be found on the Public Comments Page. The page to submit suggestions is still open. If you have ideas of your own that you think would be helpful, please post them here.

And remember, Indiana may have one of the most complex tax codes in the nation but the Kruggel Lawton tax professionals know it like the back of their hands! Give us a call any time if you have questions.

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