Get to Know Aaron O’Dell in Our Knoxville Office

Aaron O'Dell is a graduate of Tennessee Tech University and has been a part of the Kruggel Lawton team for almost 4 years. In this video, Aaron talks about his journey leading up to joining the team at Kruggel Lawton and how he helped start the Knoxville office.

Get to know Aaron O'Dell in our Knoxville office

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I’m Aaron O’Dell, I’m a senior manager at Kruggel Lawton CPAs. I came to Kruggel Lawton after years at a couple different firms. I started off right out of college back in 2007 working for a large national firm. I can remember going through recruiting in college and thinking, “I’ve got to go to the biggest firm I can possibly go to.” So, I worked at a large national firm, I interned in Indianapolis, Indiana. I worked in their Knoxville office, moved to South Bend – so I was at three different offices within three years – and I missed Knoxville, Tennessee. So I moved back to Knoxville, went to a regional firm in Knoxville, I worked there for seven years. My boss now, Steve Beasy, was my boss at the large national firm that I worked with when I was in South Bend. He called me and said “Hey, are you interested in coming to work with us at Kruggel Lawton?” And I said, “I prefer to stay in Knoxville.” And he said “Well, we could make that work.” So, even before the pandemic happened, we figured out a way to make things work remote. I worked in Knoxville, and set up the Knoxville office for Kruggel Lawton. That’s been about four years ago, and it was one of the best decisions that I’ve ever made.

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