Receive A Bill From DOR? Here’s How To Resolve It

This information was provided directly by The Indiana Department of Revenue as an Agency Announcement.

DOR urges Hoosiers to take immediate action to avoid additional penalties and interest.

The Indiana Department of Revenue (DOR) is starting to send tax bills that were delayed earlier this year due to tax filing and payment extensions related to COVID-19. Bills for individuals who owe taxes, will begin reaching mailboxes this week and continue to be sent through December 2020.

“All DOR correspondence, including bills, should be opened and addressed as soon as it is received,” advised DOR Commissioner Bob Grennes. “Responding to or reaching out for help quickly is always the best action to avoid additional complexities and costs.”

DOR offers many options to easily and quickly pay taxes owed online 24/7:

Payments can also be mailed to DOR directly. Customers must include the taxpayer(s) name(s), Social Security number(s) and tax year on the check. Individual income tax bill payments can be mailed to:

Indiana Department of Revenue
P.O. Box 7224
Indianapolis, IN 46207-7224

Additional mailing addresses for other bill types can be found at

Appointments are recommended to make a payment in person at one of DOR’s 12 district offices. To make an appointment, visit DOR’s website at Offices accept payment by credit card (MasterCard or Visa), check, money order or cash (exact change only).

Of course if you're a KLient, please forward the tax notice to your representative within our firm.

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