Why Kruggel Lawton Is Going Over the Edge

At Kruggel Lawton, we work hard to serve our KLients, not just as your accountants, but as active members of our community. That’s why KL is participating in Youth Service Bureau’s Over the Edge event on October 4, 2019.

YSB’s Street Outreach team has highlighted the impact YSB is making in our community. This story illustrates just how bleak things can be for some young people right here in our own community, and it shows how difficult it can be to make a connection with someone who has experienced trauma. Sometimes it takes multiple connections before trust is established.

YSB’s Street Outreach supervisor, Christina McGovern, shared the following story. "I was contacted by a concerned woman about two teenage girls she and a co-worker had observed changing their clothes behind a dumpster in a parking lot. This woman approached the young ladies and asked if they would be open to accepting some help. The girls agreed, and accepted water, school supplies, and some clothing. Later, the girls agreed to meet with the YSB's Street Outreach team after school. They met with YSB staff and learned about this local program and specifically about Safe Station.

The girls shared with our team that one of them was living with her mother, they had been arguing and she was kicked out, despite the fact that she’s a minor. The other girl’s mother died a few years ago. She had been living with her father, but he kicked her out when she turned 18 saying she should provide for herself. One of the girls spent the night at the shelter, the other – unfortunately left after a few hours. The YSB staff will continue to try and establish a connection and get them to return to the shelter in hopes that these young girls stay safe. These two girls are currently attending a local high school. They had not disclosed to their teachers, or school staff about their situation."

Unfortunately, this scenario is not unusual. YSB works with a very vulnerable and challenging population, but our entire community thrives when we can intervene and provide safety, stability, and opportunity. This is why your donation to the KL Over the Edge Team is so important. Your financial support and advocacy have a direct a positive impact for youth in our community.

You can help us to make a real difference. Donate to the Kruggel Lawton team today!

YSB's ultimate focus is to ensure all youth have access to safety, shelter, and the opportunity to succeed. They offer an array of services (emergency youth shelter, counseling, Drop In Center) and programs (transitional living programs, case management services, Safe Place presentations and sites) which are completely free to the youth. They work to help youth repair foundations which have been jolted by abuse, neglect, homelessness and lack of resources, by guiding youth into safety, ensuring they have shelter, and teaching them how to overcome various obstacles. They know safety, shelter and providing success opportunities is key to establishing a bright future.

Kruggel, Lawton & Company, LLC, is a full-service accounting and business consulting firm offering assurance services, tax compliance and consulting, estate planning, business valuation, business accounting services, and executive searches. Kruggel Lawton also offers national and international resources as an independent member of the BDO Alliance USA. They have offices in South Bend and Elkhart, Indiana; St. Joseph, Michigan; and Knoxville, Tennessee.

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