Sage 50 Accounting Software

If you have outgrown QuickBooks or need features it does not provide, we’d like to suggest Sage 50c Accounting Software.  Sage 50 is a financial management program that provides a time-saving, in-depth solution to manage your accounting, invoicing, cash flow, inventory, taxes, and more for your growing, increasingly complex business. Sage 50 Any Device

Sage 50 combines a full featured desktop solution with secure online access to deliver an impressive feature set.  Kruggel Lawton combines that potential with the assured expertise of Sage-certified accounting professionals to deliver a complete accounting solution.

Sage 50 can save time on back-office processes and give business advisors like Kruggel Lawton the ability to provide higher-value, higher-impact services. Kruggel Lawton currently uses Sage 50 to manage multiple client accounts with very  positive experiences.

Much like the competing products, Sage 50 data is accessible anywhere you have an internet or wireless connection.  You can have a best-in-breed accounting packages and the freedom to send invoices, receive payments and review reports from wherever you do business.  Sage 50's design makes working anywhere a seamless task.

Sage 50For years, QuickBooks and QuickBooks Online have been our go-to software choices, and we continue to use Intuit products to manage a number of client accounts. We are certainly not abandoning these products, but we realize that larger, more complex companies need advanced accounting and reporting capabilities in addition to the flexibility to access their financial records anytime/anywhere.

Some of Sage 50's features include:

These features are exciting and we are proud to be introducing this software to our clients.  We are very well qualified to help you determine the best solution for your business - so give us a call!

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