Review of the QuickBooks App

If you use QuickBooks Online, you might be aware that the bookkeeping solutions provider has released a mobile application that allows users to access their company’s financial data easily and on the go. Available for iPad, iPhone, and Android, the app is free to download but users must already have a QuickBooks Online account which runs anywhere from $15 to $60 a month. Following is a quick review of the app based on my experience assisting clients who use it for their businesses.

The application is very user friendly so it doesn’t take long to learn how to navigate around and complete tasks. When opening the QuickBooks app, you’ll be taken to the main menu shown here:


Pros of Using the QuickBooks App

First, let’s take a look at what the app does really well:

The app also allows you to create estimates, invoices, sales receipts, and even receive payments – great for people who are doing work for clients on site. Speaking of working remotely, with the help of the Contacts menu, you are able to use a person’s address information to open a map app and receive driving directions with the tap of your finger. Never get lost visiting a client or vendor again!

Cons of Using the QuickBooks App

While the QuickBooks app is good for many things, the downside is that it is pretty limited. Here’s what you WON’T be able to do:

In Summary

The QuickBooks app has been extremely useful for my clients who are in the service industry and are frequently on-the-go to assist their customers. My contractor clients have also found it helpful when they are out bidding on jobs since they are able to send estimates in real time.

But, as is the case with most applications, the QuickBooks app can only do so much. When you’re trying to tackle more involved work, you’re probably better off firing up the computer to access the online version.

Do you use the QuickBooks app? Leave a comment below to share your experience – good or bad. If you have questions about QuickBooks in general, give us a call and we’d be happy to chat!


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