Michiana Benchmark Business Index Declines Slightly in 3rd Quarter

The Michiana Benchmark Business Index decreased slightly in the 3rd quarter of 2015 by just over 2% from the previous quarter. The overall Benchmark Business Index for the 3rd quarter was 58.61 out of a maximum possible score of 100, down from 59.82 for the 2nd quarter of 2015.

Kruggel Lawton conducts this survey of chief financial officers (CFOs) in for-profit companies in the Michiana region on a quarterly basis. The survey tracks changes in companies’ revenue, profitability, and employment levels compared to the same quarter during the prior year, along with CFOs’ perception of the business outlook for their companies. These four components are combined into the Benchmark Business Index, which serves as a gauge of the Michiana area business climate.

CFOs from 53 Michiana-area companies participated in the 3rd quarter survey. Compared to the prior quarter’s survey, all of the four Benchmark Index survey components – Profitability, Revenue, Employment, and CFO Optimism – decreased, although the decline in Employment and Profitability was less than 1%.

“As one gauge of our Michiana-area economy, the 3rd quarter Benchmark Business Index survey results may indicate a degree of softness, although not a significant decline from the last quarter,” said Terry Bush, a director at Kruggel Lawton. “I’m encouraged that the overall results didn’t decline very much in the 3rd quarter, since each of the past four years produced a more substantial decline at this time of year.”

If you are a CFO or controller in a Michiana area for-profit business and would like to participate in this survey and receive results, please contact Terry Bush at or call 574-289-4011.







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