Indiana Residents to Receive Automatic Taxpayer Refund


Under Indiana's "Use of Excess Reserves" law, many Hoosiers will receive a one-time taxpayer refund later this year. While the Automatic Taxpayer Refund is separate from any individual income tax refund, many Indiana resident's will receive $125, with married couples filing jointly receiving $250.

The state is returning $545 million to Hoosiers after ending its fiscal year with a surplus. Under state law, the excess money turns into a refundable tax credit.

Am I eligible?

If you filed an Indiana resident tax return for the 2020 tax year with postmark date of Jan. 3, 2022, or earlier, you will receive the money.

Residents must have filed their taxes using one of the following methods:

How will I receive my Automatic Taxpayer Refund?

How you receive your refund will depend on the information in your 2021 Indiana Individual Income Tax return.

Refunds will be received via direct deposit if:

A physical check may be received if:

When will I receive my automatic refund?

Direct deposits will arrive in bank accounts beginning in May and continue through the summer. Checks will be mailed out in "late summer," although the timeline is dependent on supply-chain issues affecting the paper industry. Please allow until September 1 to receive your Automatic Taxpayer Refund.

If you have additional questions about the Automatic Taxpayer Refund, visit the FAQs section on the Indiana Department of Revenue website.

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