All insights by: Jeff McGowan, CPA

Update on 2015 Federal Tax Extenders

Here we are once again in December 2015, wondering if and (likely) when Congress will remove their collective heads from dark places and pass the Tax Extenders bill, retroactively (again) to the first day of January 2015. Yes, this is the same article I basically blogged about last year (Dec. 9, 2014) where I ended: Read More »

Indiana Repeals Throwback Rule for Income Tax

One of the biggest Indiana tax changes arising from the 2015 Indiana General Assembly was the repeal of the sales factor “throwback rule” as part of Senate Bill 441 passed by the General Assembly on April 29. The main intention of SB 441 was to simplify the Indiana tax code to reduce paperwork burdens for Read More »

Taxpayers Beware of IRS Phone Scams

The IRS has been warning taxpayers to beware of a multitude of scams these past few months. In fact, CBS This Morning aired a story on their show today about active phone scams. Those scams have hit home recently with several of our clients. One story goes like this…A physician client emailed to let me know he Read More »

House Approves Temporary Tax Breaks – Now What?

Last week the U.S. House of Representatives approved a bill extending many temporary tax breaks, but only through December 31. Before we totally celebrate the whopping planning opportunities that all of four weeks allow until these “new” extenders expire, the Senate still has to approve these extenders. The Senate is expected to vote on it Read More »