Aaron O’Dell Breaks Down What He Enjoys Most About Employee Benefit Plan Audits

In this video, Aaron O’Dell talks about how Kruggel Lawton's ability to specialize in Employee Benefit Plans year-round allows the firm to build stronger relationships with our clients and quickly solve issues that arise in more complex plans.

Aaron O'Dell Breaks Down What He Enjoys Most About Employee Benefit Plan Audits

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I think what excites me most about employee benefit plan audits is the people, first and foremost, whether that be my coworkers or whether that be my clients. I love being able to provide value to my clients, in the sense that because we do specialize in employee benefit plans year-round, we are able to develop and cultivate those relationships with our clients, we are able to see a plethora of different issues that come up within plans. I know when I worked on these things strictly in the summertime only, your exposure is maybe 10, 15, 20 benefit plan audits. Whereas now, I’m probably touching 50 to 60 a year. So you get exposed to a lot more potential issues with your clients and it helps me know what to say to those clients when those issues come up. I really enjoy the easy plans, those are always great; but the really tough plans are also a lot of fun as well because that’s where we at Kruggel Lawton can give a lot of value back to our clients, because we’ve experienced the issues that those clients have. Whether that’s being a first-time audit, or whether they haven’t been audited in several years. We’ve dealt with a little bit of everything in between. It’s just fun to be able to consult with your clients, catch up with your clients, get to know your clients, and really provide that value of “Hey, we ran into this issue but here’s how we fix it. Here’s how we make sure that that issue doesn’t come back up in the future.” That’s what I enjoy most about employee benefit plan audits.

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